Technical Specifications

To allow us to serve you better, please provide a sample or a pdf so we can verify the conformity of the elements contained in your computing document.

All the « image » files (*.psd, *.tif, *.eps, *.jpg) must have a minimum of ::

Note that all RGB documents will be converted to CMYK.

Receipe for a rich black : Cyan : 60% / Magenta : 60% / yellow : 40% / black : 100% The inkload cannot exceed 300%

For vector-based documents, such as those produced with Illustrator, CorelDraw and FreeHand, text must be converted to outlines, using the "Create Outlines" function, and saved in Illustrator CS-5 (*.ai) or Photoshop CS-5 (*.tiff). Note that all previous versions will still be available.

Make sure that the fonts used are compressed and sent with all the required files.

For the vectoriels documents such as Illustrator, CorelDraw and FreeHand, you must convert the text in « create-outline » and save the documents in Illustrator CS-5 (*.ai) or Photoshop CS-5 (*.tiff). Previous versions remain available.

We accept QuarkXpress version 8 Passport files as well as the Adobe CS5 suite. Please, have all your documents compressed.

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