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For your GREAT our expertise in BIG SIZE digital printing!!


Our main goal is to be constantly on the look-out for the slightest changes to remain the reference to assist you skillfully with your projects of BIG SIZE digital impressions. From the simplest to the most disproportionate, your needs will be filled in a professional and courteous environnement.

Clientele service is personalized. Trained to be able to inform and accompany you throughout the process of realization of the orders, the VIP dynamic team makes a commitment to find solutions which will satisfy all your objectives.

The production follow up VIP TACTIC is a powerful system conceived to insure a fast and precise follow up of the orders throughout the process of production and... in real time.

The quality control. VIP with it's unique ColorSystem closely follows the progress leading to the realization of the end product and makes sure that every stage is strictly executed and inspected to fully reach your expectations!